The failed paint swatch card

The failed paint swatch card

I know that a lot of people do swatches of their coloured mediums to keep track of what they have. Something I thought would be a good idea for I proceeded to cut watercolour paper to fit my planner and  did my first paint swatch with my latest purchase - 12 set watercolours from Sennelier.

The failed paint swatch card

But once I had the colours down on paper, I started to wonder how would the watercolours react with my Liquitex white opaque flakes [you know, the one I put in cold storage because it was a little "pokey"? *winks*]...

The failed paint swatch card

Since it turned out quite nice, I trimmed it down to size and made a card! :)

The failed paint swatch card

So the planner filed with paint swatches has no paint swatches for now....and it won't have any if I continue to be "distracted"...*LOL*

The failed paint swatch card

I distressed the edges for a little texture and added pretty lace right down the center to hide the white lines.

The failed paint swatch card

And finished with glittered diecuts, pearls, bloom and wood token.

The failed paint swatch card

Playing along with The Mixed Media Card Challenge.

Happy weekend friends! :)


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Let's make pancakes today!


It is nice to have some help around the house...especially when you are making chocolate chip pancakes! *winks*

Nephew #2 was very serious about measuring the ingredients. Even the niece got in on the action by sifting the flour while nephew #3 was busy playing on the stairs. *LOL*

Still working hard on dwindling the scrap pile [I see a dim light at the end of the long]...

Have you noticed that I like to use buttons? I have tons of them because for some strange reason, people love to give me buttons. [I hoard all the pretty vintage ones!] :)

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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Another decorated paper bag...


Since July this year,  I've been obsessed with making sweet treats from scratch. Really. :)

Free time is spent looking at recipes online, reading through the reviews, buying the ingredients and testing them out on weekends. 

So far, I've made pancakes, panna cotta, brownies, bundt cakes, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, marble cake and madeleines. The Gangster Gang [aka nephews + niece] have been instrumental in giving know... by devouring everything I make in a flash. *LOL*

Of course, the next step would be to share [split the calories..haha] the sweet treats I make with others...and packaging them in something pretty - like a decorated paper bag. *winks*

These are super easy to make and can be stored away flat until you need to use them.

A piece of patterned paper, some pretties from Maya Road and the help of a hot glue gun....and I'm all done!

P/s: Do you have any fave recipes to share with me? 


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Pencil drawing of a cute bunny...


So I thought I should take a break from portrait drawings to attempt a pencil drawing of a cute bunny. I used a reference photo but I made mine a little bit more fluffy with the overzealous addition of fur! *LOL*

The gray toned paper helped to save a little time but the fur took like forever [okay, like 2 hours!] to draw and blend. But the bunny turned out quite cute, eh? *winks*

Happy weekend friends! 


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This is why I can get my cards done in 5 minutes...


Whenever I get new dies from Maya Road, I tend to grab my paper scraps and my die-cutting machine...and spend the next few hours "in the zone". *winks*

Since I'm the lazy sort who will not get my die-cutting machine out every single time I need a die-cut, this is the best way for me. :)

I also have my card bases cut out, scored and within easy reach.

This is why I can get my cards done in 5 minutes...[my butt doesn't leave the chair! *LOL*]


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One fine Saturday....


I love watching the nephews and niece interact with each other. They exclaim openly how much they "hate each other" but really stand together when it comes to exasperating their fave aunt. *winks*

Case in point: Photo #1. We were early in sending the niece for ballet class so we had to hang around the nearby sports store. Of course, they were loud and ran around the store. They only behaved when I said I didn't bring my wallet and if they broke anything, they had to work a very long time there to pay off their debt. *LOL*

This fine Saturday was also the day when the Gangster Gang refused to pose for photos. *A bad day for auntrazzi...*

Still working through my scrap pile...:)
Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches


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14 gift-wrapping ideas

I love gift-wrapping presents, especially when I can utilize my "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" stash to make something pretty to brighten up somebody's day. :) Here are 14 gift-wrapping ideas.

Upcycled tea tin
Upcycled gift container

1. Shabby chic tins

Sturdy metal tins make great packaging. Make them pretty with lace, flowers and bling.

2. Fancy pillow boxes

If you are giving away something small, decorate some pillow boxes with stickers and stamping. I get these when I buy charm bracelets [that I collect but never wear..] and I like to fill them with sweet treats. :)

Or if your gift is a little more substantial, you can go for a more decorated pillow box - patterned paper, lace, ribbon, chipboard and blooms.

3. Decorated pull-out boxes

I love pull-out packaging boxes. Try a glittery cute "scene" or a pretty textured look.

When I found a brown paper envelope
4. Make a brown paper envelope cute

If your gift is long and flat like a notepad, go with a decorated brown paper envelope. I embellished mine with cute stuff.:)

Decorated paper bag for Maya Road
Baby boy paper bag

5. Pretty up a plain brown paper bag

Patterned paper and pretty/cute embellishments can make any plain shopping bag look much better.

The decorated paper bag

6. A decorated box and matching paper bag.

If you want to get a little more fancy, decorate a box and a matching paper bag. :)

A piece of remnant fabric makes a great gift-wrap

7. A bento box wrap

When you don't have wrapping paper big enough for your box, go with some remnant fabric.

An altered tea box

8. Go for a metallic look.

A little bit of mixed media texture and some hardware can dress up an otherwise plain box.

Tiered cake box for Xyron
9. Tiered cake boxes

If you have a few gifts, you can go for some pretty tiered cake boxes. They look pretty individually but really pack a punch when they stand together. :)

There you have it...14 gift-wrapping ideas. Which is your fave?

P/s: Happy weekend friends!


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